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How to Sell to a CEO
 with Ken Robinson


In the video, Newsletter House publisher Ken Robinson shares 
a simple step-by-step system you can use to sell to a CEO.


Newsletter House - we help you sell to CEOs and decision makers

decision makers Newsletter House has legitimised guerilla marketing by using client success stories to back our own clients sales claims and put them in front of decision makers. In most instances, it can be impossible to cold call a CEO. With our approach, not only do we gain the attention of a CEO, but we give them reasons to call you. To see how we can help you, please read the case studies below:

How they won a multi-million dollar client
in less than two days

Burgess RawsonCommercial Real Estate agents Burgess Rawson, Melbourne, are enjoying the fruits of their newsletter campaign. Several senior Coles executives, having read the Burgess Rawson newsletter, responded by offering the agents three supermarkets and one liqour outlet to sell. A deal worth many millions.

Why did 30 CEO's respond to one newsletter
in two weeks?

SkyCool Most people are impressed with a 1% response from their mailout, so you can imagine the excitment, when having mailed 1000 newsletters, Skycool MD Rex Lehmann received 30 telephone
calls from CEOs responding to his latest newsletter. One CEO was so convinced by what he had read in the Skycool newsletter that he placed a $100,000 order over the phone.

Newsletter scores $160,000 contract

Accent Office Interiors In the quiet silly season just prior to Christmas 2010 the staff at Accent Office Interiors Wickham office were amazed when a man, a complete stranger, strode in waving their Newsletter House created newsletter and said he wanted to discuss office fitout. Within an hour he had signed a contract for more than $160,000 worth of furnishings and fittings.

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