FREE - Business Development Session for 30 minutes

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."

We live and work by the statement made by the late Zig Ziglar (international speaker):

What does this mean for you?  ‚Äč

As you know, the only thing that matters is results - nothing else. We will not take on a new client unless we sincerely believe we can help that new client be successful.

Which is why we would prefer to invest our own time, at no charge to you, and explore whether our approach will help you generate sales.

In saying that, we never meet with people where we know our system is not going to be a good fit. If we feel working with your company is not going to lead to a great result which motivates you to provide us with a testimonial than we would rather turn down the opportunity. No one needs an unhappy client and you don't need to waste your money. Which is why we offer this FREE Strategy Session - by the time we go through this simple session we will both know whether we are good fit to help you grow your business.

How does Our Strategy Session Work?


We explore your current Approach

We work out where you have been successful and how possible is it for us to reproduce similar success in the same market or new markets using our system.


We look at what's Hindering you 

Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what needs to be changed. Having evaulated what you have on offer, we will give you a fair assessment of your current approach and what we feel may be missing which is costing you money in lost sales.


We suggest a plan of action 

At this point, having shown you our strategy, we will outline a set of steps that will enable you to try us out by giving you the opportunity to put a toe in the water. We will suggest a small project as a startingh point in our relationship and if that project proves to be a winner we will have a relationship in place to build upon our initial success and help you grow your business!

This session is done wiht you live over the internet and if you would like can involve your management team - whatever suits you best.

Please be assured that this is not a sales presentation pretending to be a strategy session. 

It will take 30 to 45 minutes and if nothing else you walk a way with a new approach to viewing the business building process.